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The program is used by accelerator and incubator Program Directors who are interested in increasing the success of their program...immediately. By using this program, your startup Alumni will innovate faster, gain traction quickly, close funding, win awards and disrupt categories. This program provides you a world class curriculum and a dedicated mentorship plan that will not only excel you from wherever you are in the development cycle of your Incubator/Accelerator program, but push you to the next level.


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Great accelerators are a result of an unrelenting focus on customer development
and building a culture of learning by doing.

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A full program model that focuses your accelerator team on best practices for operations, fund raising, resource planning and sustainability. The core Course Curriculum for you startups blend video instruction, hands-on activities and successful templates that push your teams to tackle the hardest questions about their products, so that you can graduate them with confidence.

Our Skills

What You Get

Course Curriculum Folios (2) for your staff

Program Playbook - includes financial and business templates

Dedicated facilitation and mentorship plan

Step-by-step instruction in integrating into your program.

Live mentoring and coaching for your first cohort

Discounts on seat licenses

Fund-raising, marketing, and interning playbooks

$500,000+ in perks to help your startups build, launch & grow

Ongoing Access to the Startup Guides curriculum portal

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Steve Blank: The Lean LaunchPad

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Validate Your Product Concept In 7 Days

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