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What is SproutCamp?

SproutCamp is more than just a workshop or's an experience. You will spend 8 weeks with top experts validating, optimizing and scaling your business. Afterwards, you will have validation, customers, revenue and be ready for the next stage of growth - such as an accelerator, key hiring, or investment into your product or service.

Where is SproutCamp?

Check out our Locations to see all available locations to get SproutCamp Experience. You can also DIY at home if you can't make it to a city or wait for one to come to your area.

How do I become a facilitator or ambassador of SproutCamp?

Contact us and just ask, or visit our Locations page and get started right away by filling out the form to unlock your city.

Do I need to be trained to be a facilitator or ambassador?

Yes, but we provide it to you for FREE. SproutCamp is a High Quality Experience and not only requires experience in the process of creation, but specific training in the curriculum, training format, community development, logistics and tracking.

How much does SproutCamp cost?

The SproutCamp program costs $995-$1295 per seat, depending on your location. Most locations provide discounts for students, volunteers, and early access.

How long is SproutCamp?

SproutCapm is an 8 week camp. You will come together once a week for training and get right back out for a week's worth of activities.

What do I gain from attending SproutCamp?

We like to keep that answer simple...REVENUE+CUSTOMERS. Plus, an unforgettable experience, access to unbelievable experts, the best tips and tricks in the world, and some cool pizazz like stickers, shirts, and lots of online perks & deals (well over $50k worth).

What will I learn at SproutCamp?

Check out our course description for a detailed look at the heart of the program, outline what you will learn by doing.

What’s the difference between SproutCamp and Startup Weekend or Lean Startup Machine?

SproutCamp is an intense, 8 week series. Our focus is on teaching teams the Luxr core curiculum, building strong case studies and hands-on activities and intense mentoring. 8 Weeks days is well-paced amount of time to reliably validate a new product or service. While Lean Startup Machine and Startup Weekend share the same spirit of experiential learning over a few days, SproutCamp has an intense agenda and different purpose. Some view SproutCamp as the step after Startup Weekend and before an accelerator or incubator.

What is SproutCamp’s relationship with Luxr?

SproutCamp is the largest training and coaching facilitator for the Luxr Core Curriculum and an official partner. Luxr helps SproutCamp by providing top notch training and resources, as well as rollout support for Accelerators, Incubators, and Entrepreneurship programs in EDC's and Univerisities.

Can I do SproutCamp solo?

Yes, but we reccommend you do it with a team.

Can I do SproutCamp if I only have an idea?

Yes, SproutCamp will force you to validate your idea into a real world product or service...or pivot until you get it right.

Can I do SproutCamp without previous startup or tech knowledge?

Hell yes! SproutCamp is not just for techies, geeks, or seasoned entrepreneurs. It's for anyone with an idea and the passion to purse it.

Do you pay mentors?

No, but we do facilitate Mentor Shares and perks for all coaches and mentors.

What do you do to protect Intellectual Property (IP)?

Everything that happens at SproutCamp is technically in the public domain. However, it is extremely unlikely that an idea will get stolen, and we are firm believers that ideas aren’t worth anything unless you execute on them. In addition, your idea will probably change dramatically over time (actually within the first two weeks of SproutCamp beginning, it probably will). The real value is in your ability to execute properly, which is something very few people currently get right.

Do I need to know how to write code?

Nope. If you don't have a technical bone in your body or person on your team, we have coders and designers standing by to help you prototype.

Do I have to have a Tech Idea?

Nope. But we put a strong emphasis on Tech in any business, since Tech is what makes things cheaper, better, faster.

Do you offer refunds?

We off 100% money back guarantee on all Field Guides, but not on the 8 week program itself.

How can I prepare for SproutCamp?

Read the Four Hour Work Week, get your hands on some of our Field Guides, attend a Lean Startup Machine or Startup Weekend, or read our blog.

Do I have to be at SproutCamp the whole time?

Nope. SproutCamp is an 8 week program where you only required attendance is once a week. Talk to your SproutCamp Counselor (Ambassador) about optional activities.

Are these all Your FAQs?

Nope. We will be publishing more, but you can also head over to Startup Help Community and ask one yourself or read what others have to say.

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